A crazy hair day :)

Hey everyone!  Today I'd like to share a layout that I created based on the current case file (118) over at CSI

I have used some goodies from my store, byChantalVandenberg - Felt Rainbow from the Lollipops and Rainbows pack and Fuzzy Felt White Clouds (assorted sizes pack)…

And I've used some 2Crafty chipboard products - Happy Children child (covered with patterned paper, fussy cut, and outlined in black pen), a Word Bubble (altered with modelling paste rubbed in with fingers!), two Assorted Arrows (covered with coordinating patterned paper, fussy cut, outlined and machine stitched) and three Chevron Bits (coved with coordinating packaging, fussy cut, outlined and machine stitched).

The stencil is exclusively by JBS Mercantile - a cute sprinkling of hearts.  I've used the stencil firstly as a mask with Dylusions Spray Inks and then as a stamp with same.  I like the effect of both uses together. :)

So below are the details for the case file no. 118.  I have used the sketch, the colour scheme, and the following "evidence"…

- White Background
- Jewels
- Hearts
- Arrows
- Doodling
- Fabric
- Fibres

And for the "testimony", I've used the inspiration words in my journalling...

- Bold
- Beautiful
- Confidence

It's been a while since I've played along at CSI.  I really enjoy doing so when I can!

Thanks for looking and have a great day and Easter break!

Chantal :D

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Masters Task No. 3! :)

Hello there!

Today I'd like to share my 3rd task for Masters.  The task was to…

'Create a single layout with a unique background.  This can be achieved through using mediums, paper or fabric.'

I was very excited about this task and it was the first one that I did.  I loved the “unique background” challenge and I decided to do something that I have wanting to do for such a long time – watercolour painting!

To accompany these photographs, I decided to paint an insiders view of the footy stadium we attended.  I first looked up the stadium’s website and was very pleased to find a photograph facing the area we were seated when these photos were taken.  Using this photo as a guide, I first did a rough sketch with pencil to get the dimensions right and I added the depth and detail with watercolour.  Once I was happy with my painting and it was dry, I added in little outlines and extra definition with a black gel pen.  

Now although I was super happy with my action-packed background, I needed to soften it just a tad so my photos will become the first focus, so I machine stitched three rectangular pieces of vellum in a lively design to match and support the layout’s theme.

My five photos were taken on my iphone so the quality wasn’t super top-notch so I was happy to print them a little smaller to compensate this, and cluster them in such a way to kind of reenact the day’s feel.  Each photo was matted onto craft corrugated cardboard (this neutral colour and the texture helps to “ground” them), followed by colourful patterned paper (to tie in with the colourful painted background and the photos themselves), then vellum (to soften the patterns and colours – like the background) and finally some white patterned paper (with camera line drawings to tie in the drawn background).

I painted four 2Crafty chipboard Footballs red and used black and white gel pens to draw the fine details (I used a footy that we have at home to copy the design for this).  These gel pens worked a treat on the red painted chipboard!   I used my footballs as “o’s” for my title – it looks so cool, but truth be told, I had this idea because I simply didn’t have enough “o’s” so it worked out really well in the end!

This was my first completed challenge and it had me raring to go for the next three!  :)

Thanks for stopping by today!  Stay tuned for my forth and final Master's task instalment! :D

Have a great day!


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My 2Crafty Post for the month of March! :D

Hi everyone!  Today I am sharing my recent post over at 2Crafty's blog!  I hope you enjoy it!  :D  


First up is a double layout (yes a double!).  I do like to dabble into double layouts from time to time - probably not as often as I'd like to.  

My layout is called "A Big Surprise"...

I love this sequence of photos that captures the surprise on my daughter's face when she received her most wished-for present!  Just priceless. :)

My title uses the Alpha Set 1, which has been sprayed lightly with black mist for some depth and interest.  I like how you can still see the speckles of mist over the raw chipboard.

I have used three tiny hearts from the ATC Tiny Hearts and Stars pack.  These super cute hearts are great for layering like I've done here on top of my own White Felt Fuzzy Clouds (various sizes) - available from my store, ByChantalVandenberg).  I have painted the hearts with red acrylic paint and covered them with a red glitter pen.


I have covered one Funky Heart with patterned paper and outlined around the inside edges for definition.  I have used the word 'Birthday' from the Happy Birthday Card Pack as a mask on the left of my layout (above) using black spray ink,

and I've adhered it here onto the right of my layout (above).

The felt Rainbow (from the Rainbow and Lollipop pack) and Lolly (from the Treat Cuteness pack) are available from my store and I have used products from a variety of new kits from Jenni Bowlin Studio.

My next layout is a comparative one.  I looks upon my two girls at a certain milestone - two different times but the same moment; First Day of School

Here I've used the title First Day of School and painted it with yellow acrylic paint, followed by a sprinkling of yellow iridescent glitter.  I have doodled around the outsides and coloured in the closed gaps with a black marker, followed by black glitter glue.

I have coloured a pair of glasses from the Glasses Set black and mounted it onto some pretty cardboard packaging.

I have also used a cute 'bitten' apple from the Apples pack.  It has been painted red and covered with red glitter glue.  It has been cut in half and adorns both the left and right sides of the layout, which balances nicely with my Apple Cutie from the Fruit Cuteness pack (available from byChantalVandenberg).

All other elements are from Jenni Bowlin Studio.

Now for my final layout to share this month; Easter Eggs

I've based this layout's palette on the current Colour Challenge, #23 at Kreative Koncepts.  I have used a cute Li'l Chick from the Li'l Chick 3-pack.  This li'l fella has been painted using three acrylic paint colours. Firstly I've painted him white, then once dry I added yellow, orange for the feet and beak, and I mixed some orange and yellow to give some shading on his body.  I outlined his wink and beak, plus added some eyelashes and popped on a little goggle eye for fun factor.

I've also painted a sweet bunny from the Funny Bunnies 2-Pack.  There is a lovely variety of 2Crafty Easter-themed chipboard available. :)

I have used one tag from the Mini Tags collection (under the chick) as well as a Flag Banner flag and a Heart Banner flag from the Heart Banners pack.  On top of these banners I've layered a '2013' from the 2013's set.  This was perfect for my subtitle.

I have again used White Felt 'Fuzzy Clouds' from my store, and all other products are from Jenni Bowlin Studio.

This is the colour palette that I used.  Isn't it lovely?  I especially love the addition of gold with this combination. :)

Until next time!

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My March 2Crafty post is now LIVE! :D

Hello everyone!  Over on the 2Crafty blog I have a whopping three brand new, never before seen layouts to share with you - including a double!  Yay!
All three layouts showcase not only yummy 2Crafty chippies, but also cute goodies from byChantalVandenberg and everything else is from super current kits put together by Jenni Bowlin Studios!
Here's a few sneaky peaks… :)



and then...


last but not least… :)


I'd love you to visit me over at 2Crafty today HERE and leave some love!  And if you do - thank you so much!  I love reading all your wonderful comments - you guys are so awesome!

Until next time, have a great day!! :D


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Masters Task No. 2! :)

Hi everyone!

Today I'd like to share the second project out of the four Masters Tasks for Scrapbooking Memories.  My first project has already been shared below.

Task 2 - Create a 2014 calendar.  This can be in any shape or format as long as it fits into the posting box specified to the left.

After I filled up many pages in my notebook with ideas, sketches and plans, I settled on one idea that personally really inspired me the most.  We live by the beach and we go on regular beach walks and visits, and we can’t but help pick up a seashell or two as a souvenir sometimes – especially if it looks really unusual to the ones we already have collected previously.  I had a mini tin bucket in which we kept our seashells and I always thought it a shame that they are not on display.

I also thought it would be a wonderful idea to have a decorative calendar!  One that can be used for many years to come, that won’t be chucked out, but will be treasured and proudly on display.  I thought it would be a great idea to have one in our home as a visual reference, much like a clock.

So these factors helped lead me onto my very own calendar creation!  The Seashell Calendar will be home to the most special shell collected in each corresponding month.  At the end of the year, a new year can be easily printed onto a transparency sheet, cut into months and hung up on pegs, replacing the year previously ended.  In almost a similar (yet opposite) vein to the Christmas Advent Calendar which is a family tradition of ours in December, where in this case we can each have a turn putting a shell into the calendar!  This would be fun!

After a little bit of shopping around I found a most appropriate shadow box from a discount store.  It had removable glass, and it could also be used as a photo frame.  There are twelve compartments to this little unit, which works perfectly for this project.

I firstly removed the glass and then removed the shelving to cover the back of the unit and the shelf tops with beach-themed paper.  The paper used on the shelves is in fact completely covered with shell photographs.  I then white washed over all surfaces covered to give a softer feel, as I wanted the unit to be a backdrop for the collected shells and the months of the year.

I layered hessian ribbon over the top of the back of the unit, and then I adhered some beach-themed collectables die-cuts, fussy-cut paper images, stickers and finally some of our favourite shells from our collection, using modeling paste for dimension and strong craft glue for adhesion.  The modeling paste was brushed and clumped onto most surfaces, including the face of the unit – to give a worn, beach-shack look.

The wooden pegs were glued into the center of each compartment and I added extra little details like glass jars with messages and maps rolled up inside, tied up with twine and a metal beach-themed charm, “treasures” such as stones, pearls, metals and other “jewels” – which in actual fact were mostly from my small collection of broken jewelry (I knew there was I reason I’d held onto those for so long in my stash!  Yay!).

The distressed look on the outside face of the unit was achieved by trial and error.  I tried fussy cutting and some other painted techniques, but the most realistic look was achieved by just freehand tearing woodgrained patterned paper so as to leave the white torn edge exposed and adhering these pieces randomly around the frame until the end result looked kind of “natural”.  I really like how this turned out as it really does tend to emulate the look of peeled paint, which is reminiscent of worn, no-fuss beachside dwellings.

I printed out a free 2014 calendar off the internet using the site “Calendar Labs” onto an A4 sized sheet of transparency and cut around each month and slipped each little month’s “sheet” into each peg.

I added a little bling, and a ribbon and twine bow to the front of my Seashell Calendar, just to give it that “finished off” look.

I am so pleased with how this turned out!  I really, really love it!!!

Well that's my share for today - two down and two more to go. :)

I hope you have a lovely day!


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The first of four Masters Tasks to share… :)

Hi everyone!  

Today I thought it was about time that I begin to share my four projects that I created for my 2014 Scrapbooking Memories Master's winning entry. :)

I really enjoyed creating these projects and I put a lot of effort into them.  I hope you enjoy viewing them too! :)

My first project tackles Task 1 - 

"Scrap a single layout using a 5" x 7" photo that must be engaging and have eye-contact with the viewer."  

On the week that I was to scrapbook this photograph, it had been raining quite a lot, and as a result, we’d seen quite a few rainbows on our way to and from school.  Heidi (pictured) had been asking me “can we find the pot of gold?” and I’d reply “You are my pot of gold, Heidi!”.  She giggled at that!  So I had this memory in my mind when I went to scrap this photo.

I first decided to create a soft, whimsical sky-like backdrop for my planned rainbow and I used white cardstock with a cropped piece of blue patterned paper (lightly spray-inked) over the top, topped with a same-sized piece of blue and white cloud patterned sheet of vellum.  I lightly adhered the vellum with a special spray adhesive, which is suitable for vellum and provides a semi-adhered “floaty” look, which I wished to achieve.

My rainbow was created by firstly using a plate as a template, then I drew halfway around this shape onto some red polka-dot patterned paper (to match Heidi’s dress) with a thick black paint pen, which gives a strong solid graphic line.  From thereon, I freehand drew the rest of the rainbow bands onto coloured patterned papers and cardstock in rainbow colour order, using the first red band as a visual guide.   As I store all my papers in colour order, the task of gathering each particular coloured paper was very easy for me.  I had all the right shades in my stash and I had some lovely patterns there too, perfect for complimenting this vibrant, pretty photo.

After my rainbow was glued together (I had cut out and glued each band from largest to smallest) I then matted my photo twice, once onto a neutral coloured paper and then finishing with a bold black and white striped paper (cut into strips and adhered around the photo like a frame, with the corners cut on the 45 degree angle).  After working out the exact positioning of my photo and rainbow onto the layout base, I adhered my rainbow by straight machine stitching twice through the middle of each coloured band. 

After adhering my photo and trimming off any overhanging rainbow, I directly drew some clouds onto the same neutral paper that is framing the photo (the first layer).  But in this instance, I used part of the paper which has some blue washes on it, to soften the look of the clouds against the background, rainbow and photo.  These clouds provided not only a kind of large pair of photo corners, but they also have a negative space to provide room for a title and journaling.

The clouds where adhered with foam tape to provide dimension and my chipboardtitle by 2Crafty has been painted in gold paint and has been complimented with gold alpha stickers and gold outlined letters – inspired by the “pot of gold” sentiment and memory.

I have also journalled onto three clouds which have been outlined in black gel pen, which are part of the patterned vellum design.  This journaling documents the recent abovementioned rainbow and pot of gold memory, and I designed it to be noticed not at first glance but after a moment, when the layout has taken the viewer’s interest, so to speak.  I like to have things in my layout that may be noticed after perhaps a second or third look – a bit like a movie that you like that you watch a few times over, and you notice new things each time.

I finally decorated the rainbow with some evenly spaced bling – I used the machine stitching to measure where each jewel was to be placed (every forth stitch).  I didn’t own three of the colours of bling, so I simply coloured some plain coloured bling with coloured Sharpie markers.  This is such a quick and easy technique that looks great!

I absolutely loved creating this layout, it was a complete joy to make and the only challenging thing about it was trying to find the exact shade of gold paint for my chipboard.  It needed to have a certain warmth to it and there were many to choose from that weren’t quite right at my local craft store – it was quite the dilemma!  It is very appropriate though, that in fact it was Heidi that found the “winning” paint!  It was the last tube left, it was almost hidden (at Heidi height!) and the shade was completely perfect!  Heidi was very pleased with herself (as was I)!

 I was so fortunate to have this layout chosen for the front cover of the magazine (as pictured above)!  :D  It was a complete surprise - I found out about being a cover girl after the issue was released. 

So that's the first of four projects which formed my entry to this year's Masters competition.  I will be sharing the next instalments over the next few weeks. :)

Have a great day!


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Say What??!

Hey there everyone!  I hope you're all well.  Today I'd like to share on my blog a recent layout that I made as a Guest Designer for Jenni Bowlin Studios.

I have used the awesome February 2014 Papercrafting Kit here for my layout, "Say What??!."

I was so inspired by the wonderfully playful speech bubble paper and the coordinating Maya Road paper clips.  These elements gave me the perfect opportunity to scrapbook some wonderful memories about my youngest daughter, Heidi, who says the cutest and funniest things!  It's so important to jot down these little moments as they are so easy to forget over time.  

I really enjoyed creating this layout, as I had some fab photos and journalling all ready to go and this kit just made the whole layout come together so sweetly!  I absolutely adore the colours and the lovely timeless embellishments included!  I used the Mercantile Exclusive Stencil with some different coloured mists - to pepper a sweet rainbow of hearts over the patterned background for extra depth and for a cute and colourful detail.

I love that gold sequin at the bottom right corner.  I hand sewed it on to the layout, like I did for the paperclip above, which I think gives a nice home-spun touch -whilst adhering of course. :)

Well that's all I have to share for now!  Have a great weekend!

Chantal :D


My February 2Crafty Post Full Reveal! :)

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all well.  My February 2Crafty post recently went live on their blog.  Just in case you missed it (and to share it on my own blog too), I've cut and pasted my post here for all to see.

I hope I can inspire you to get 2Crafty!! ;)



Chantal Vandenberg's February Shares! :)

Hello and thanks for popping in today!

Are you ready for some 2Crafty inspiration, Chantal style?  If the answer is yes
then you sure have come to the right place! ;)

Now in keeping with the month of "love", my first layout is called 
"I Love those Eyes that Smile"

The title can be taken two ways - Those Eyes (pause) That Smile (full stop), 
but I have opted for this meaning - Those Eyes that Smile, and when you see the
 photograph featured on my layout, this title with this meaning is perfect.  

My title, "Those Eyes/That Smile" has been traced with pearl pen - 
so easy and the 3D effect this gives can not be underestimated!  
This is one of my favourite techniques to use with 2Crafty's 
slim chipboard titles.

I have used the "Squiggly Heart Cluster" underneath my photograph -
 I coloured the chipboard with silver paint pen (instant dry time!) and then 
traced around the cluster onto some lovely patterned paper to show through,
 cut around the traced lines and adhere.

I've adhered some patterned paper directly on top of a "Funky Heart" 
(which comes in a pack of 9) and then given it a trim.

 According to the latest Scrapbooking Memories magazine,
 hearts are so hot right now! :)

All other products on my layout are from JBS Mercantile's February kit.

Next up - Easter!  Yes, I know it's hard to believe but it's coming 'round
 soon and I have made some cute Happy Easter cards using 
some lovely 2Crafty chippie!

I have used the word "Happy" from the "Happy Birthday Card Pack"
  (pack of 12 words - 6 "Happy Birthday" phrases).  I love to mix and match
 titles for interest and fun!  Each word has been painted with cream acrylic paint
 and to get that "dipped look" I have just painted some pink acrylic paint across
 the title with a paintbrush, once dried.

Each title is on top of a "Thought Bubble", which also have been 
painted with cream acrylic paint.

The "Lil' Chick" has just popped out of an "Easter Egg - Plain" 
 (which comes from a pack of 6).  These eggs are plain, ready to be decorated.
  Here I have covered the egg with patterned paper and then cut it across the
 middle with decorative scissors in a zig-zag pattern to make it appear cracked!

 You can see the full egg above on this card.  I have doodled on the patterned paper
 for this one for extra interest.  And I've used another "Lil' Chick" here too 
(these come in a pack of 3) and they take on a different look with the
 goggle eyes I added… super cute! :)  I've used three different colours of 
acrylic paints to achieve their fluffy rounded look.

And I have an Easter Bunny card too - I've painted a "Funny Bunny" 
 (comes in a pack of 2 - I've used the smaller one) with acrylic paints
 (same colours as used on the title) and I've outlined around the outlines
 with a black paint pen for definition.  I've added a couple of extra outlines -
 the buck teeth and the whisker dots.  Plus I've added a touch of pink paint
 awash with water for the inner ears, cheeks and tummy.

The felt Fuzzy Clouds are from my shop, byChantalVandenberg. :)

My final share is a layout based on the current challenge at "Once Upon A Sketch".
 The theme is "Totally addicted to" and my answer is "Swimming!".
  My layout's called  "If it's water - we're in it!"

I have used watercolour to create my very own sunset-beachy background.  

I've got a seagull here from the pack of 6 "Seagulls" pack.  It has been
 painted very roughly with modelling paste for texture...

Along with the "Surfy Waves" and…

the "Flag Banner" flag!

The clouds are again from my store (I have added a little modelling paste 
to them to show up a bit more of that fluffy texture) as well as the
 Orange Sunbeam Sweetie embellishment :)

Well that's all from me for this month!
  I do hope you enjoyed my projects today.

Have a wonderful month ahead and until next time, stay 2Crafty! :)

Chantal  xo

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