I am Batman!

Hi there!

Today I'd like to share the second instalment of my Comic Book Scrapping feature that was in a past issue of Scrapbooking Memories.  The first instalment was posted on my blog a few weeks ago here.

This layout is called "I am Batman"...

So for this layout, I have incorporated the following several key comic book elements;

-           Staggered panels (photo placement)
-           Regular dot/spot patterns (patterned papers
-           Cartoon elements (Sun Cutie embellishments & clouds)
-           Starburst with motion lines (Masking and Misting, pen drawing)
-           Bright colours (choice of embellishments and papers)
-           Black outlines (pen and marker defining each colour)
-           Speech bubble and arrow (chipboard)
-           Sound effects (flair button)
-           Humour (the memory of what Heidi said is priceless and layout has a ‘fun factor’)

 along with a Sun Cutie.  These embellishments are from my etsy store, byChantalVandenberg, which are well-suited to 'comic book scrapping'.  I had the best time scrapping these 'comic book layouts!' :D

Well that's all for now, stay tuned for the third 'Comic Book Scrapping' instalment!

Chantal :D
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Just 'cause! :)

Hey!  Here is a layout that I recently created.  

It's just a bit of fun documenting...

It's just a bit of fun drawing...

and just a bit of fun embellishing...

Okay, okay, no more "just a bit of" - that's getting rather addictive.  I love these little calendar cards and die cuts from Pretty Little Studio.  The vintage images add a bit of charm to an otherwise fairly 'modern-looking' layout.

Felt embellishments, including the assorted White Fuzzy Clouds, are available from my Etsy store, byChantalVandenberg.

I love capturing these little interviews!  So much fun!

Until next time,
Chantal :D

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a new item in my Etsy store

… the Felt Polaroid Frame, which comes in a 'lucky dip' pack of 6 assorted colours and patterns.

These are available for purchase at byChantalVandenberg now! :D

Bye for now!

Chantal :D

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Today I'd like to share a layout that I created using the latest colourful mood board challenge over at Scrap Around the World

I had a blast using this gorgeously bright July 2015 mood board (pictured below)...

I was inspired by the following mood board elements for my layout;
  1. The collage grid (grid background paper)
  2. Orange flowers (painted in acrylic paint onto background paper)
  3. Pink whitewashed walls (similar technique used with pink acrylic paint)
  4. Large circle (circular elements - felt, stamped and doodled)
  5. Flowers
  6. Butterfly
  7. Overall colour scheme
I love how these mood boards are up to countless interpretations!

Here's a close up…

And another...

Felt embellishments, including my Beautiful Butterflies (white butterfly pictured) are from my etsy store, byChantalVandenberg. :)

That's all for now!

Chantal :D

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Surprise +

Hi there!

Today I'd like to share a layout that I created using the current challenge over at Kraft+.  It was unintentional, but perhaps subconscious, that the title of my layout has a "+" in it.  I only just realised the coincidence when typing the blog title.  Lol!

Anyway, here is my layout…

I have used a corrugated card kraft background for my layout.  This has been swiped over with yellow paint, with a touch of black also.

I have used some glitter glue and pearl pens to add a bit of bling...

along with the FWAB pearls and rhinestones.

I loved working on that corrugated texture.

Here is the inspiration photo for this month's 'Mustard Explosion'…

I have been inspired by the following elements in the photo;
  1. The cluttered look (use of many embellishments and layers of papers)
  2. The white painted heart on wall (white heart in pearl pen)
  3. The vertical movement in photo
  4. The peeling poster (peeling title block)
  5. The spines on the pile of books (skinny strips of different papers)
  6. The eclectic collection of items (ditto)
What a fun challenge!

Thanks for looking!

Chantal :)

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The adventures of George the Bear...

Hi there!  Today I'd like to share a layout and some text from a four layout 'Comic Book Scrapping' feature from a past issue of Scrapbooking Memories magazine.

This is one of my favourite features, and it's such a fun way to scrap.  I'd encourage everyone to have a go, hey!  Here's a bit of info about comics...

So basically, comics are a visual medium used to express stories via panels of images, which are often accompanied with text in the form of speech balloons, captions and sound effects. 

Visual elements which are common in comics include;

- which are individual images containing a segment of action.  The size and arrangement of panels can also control narrative pacing and panels often are surrounded by a border.

Captions – often in a yellow box captions can give the narrator a voice, convey character’s dialogue or thoughts and can also indicate the time or place.

Balloons - the characters' dialogue often appears via speech balloons. The tail of the balloon indicates the speaker.  Speech balloons indicate dialogue and thought balloons (which look like cloud bubbles) indicate thought.
Sound Effects – these mimic non-vocal sounds textually, such as “Boom”, “Pow” and “Argh”, for example.
Cartooning – is the most frequent art form accompanying comics.  Cartooning techniques include caricature, motion lines and abstract symbols.

For my layout “The Adventures of George the Bear”, I have incorporated a very classic comic book look.  I have provided a narrative, which provides a short story about a very real little memory in my children’s lives.  I have narrated through captions, balloons and journaling spots.  I have broken my layout up into ten panels, which provide a visually dynamic backdrop for my seven photos and journaling spots.

All my photographs have been taken with the ‘Halftone’ app on my iPhone.  This application is so easy to use and gives all your photos a comic book look instantly.  The addition of instant panels with optional captions, balloons, sound effects and cartooning graphics make it so easy to not only achieve a comic look, but to instantly add the information then and there on your phone in an instant.

I have added a bit of humour on my layout, through the Halftone app and through my scrapping as this style just cries out for a comical tone!  A lot of scrapbooking companies have embellishments with a comical tone – eg: the October Afternoon flair that I used for the “o” in the title and the sticker with a minimum height for participation – I simply just had to fill it out to say 1’ 2”, which is perfect for George the Bear!

Notice how my title panel is second, not first on my layout.  I didn’t do this just because I wanted the title central.  Many comics these days have a little sample panel(s) first, before the title – much like how movies and TV shows have caught on to this trend.  So the title doesn’t always come first anymore – you get a little snippet of story to whet your appetite and “bam!” in comes the title!

I have chosen rounded letter stickers on my layout, which almost look hand drawn.  Fonts like this suit comic style much more than the rigid, fancy and “perfect” kinds.

The colour palette used for this layout is a classic comic book one; red yellow, blue, black and white.  I also used some other colours slightly – only very slightly as to not spoil the impact and over power the overall look of the layout.

Remember with comic book scrapping, black graphic lines are your best friend.  So be sure to have some good black markers and pens to outline all or most of your elements for extra “ka-pow”!

…so I'll leave it there.  That is my first instalment for "Comic Book Scrapping" on my blog.  Until next time!

Chantal :)

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For sweet & lovely you.


Here's a layout that I completed for a feature in UK's Scrapbook Magazine last issue...

It was for the "Get the cover look" feature, so for this I was given a photo of someone else's child, and was asked to scrap it using a variety of patterned papers from Marilyn Robertson's Kimono Collection.

I have cut out a bunch of hearts from the patterned papers and doodled around them with a black gel pen.  I have also fussy cut a bird cage image and mounted it onto cardstock.

I've added three Beautiful Butterflies along the photo's vellum frame.  These are available from my etsy store, byChantalVandenberg

You know, it was quite strange scrapping someone else's child, I must say!

This was my first official consignment for UK's Scrapbook Magazine and this issue (no. 89) unfortunately is now officially the last ever to be made.  That is sad news, isn't it?

Well that's all from me for now.

Chantal :)

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Getting cray cray with crayons!

Hi!  What do you do with some old feral crayons?  Why, just pick out one of each colour and fire up the heat gun on 'em!  Watch those colours run!  

Warning: This is so much fun!!!

I put each coloured crayon in a rainbow colour order and the cardstock is a white glittered one from American Crafts - nice and sturdy and super sparkly!

I've added three felt Beautiful Butterflies on my layout from my store, byChantalVandenberg

I've kept the rest of my layout fairly simple, making a custom chalkboard photo mat squiggle with black and white chalkboard markers, using the white marker for the layout title. :)

That's all for now and thanks for looking!

Chantal :)

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Krafting it up… :)


Today I'd like to share a layout created using the May Kraftboard challenge over at Kraft+.

This month you are provided with an inspiring mood board - a "kraft board", which along with your imagination, the only other thing you need to use is a kraft background.

Here is my interpretation of the kraft board…

I have scrapped all my ultrasound pictures now.  Here I have cut them and mounted them onto card to view on this interactive layout, rather than keeping the photos on their long strip, like have with a previous layout.  Something different!  I have a fair bit of hidden journalling on this one, too. :)

I have punched, hand cut and die cut a variety of circular shapes and arranged them in a casual horizontal pattern.  This made a lovely background which really suited the subject matter, I think.  Each circle special in it's own way, whether embellished or not!  I've included a blue 'Beautiful Butterfly' on my layout (you can see it in the above close-up).  These are available in packs of 10 in a variety of pretty colours from my store, byChantalVandenberg

and also from my store, I have two blue 'Denim Hearts' on there too (see below)…

They can be used on any layout and I reckon $3 for a pack of 20 is a real bargain. :)

The black and white photos really stand out against this colour palette and the kraft background really compliments it all so well.  It may be hard to pick up in the above photo, but I've used pearl pen on the title block - a variety of different sized dots.

Here is the kraft board that I took inspiration from…

I was inspired by;

  1. The beads (I used a real bead necklace to frame my group of photos)
  2. The denim jeans (use of Denim Hearts and denim patterned paper by OA)
  3. The colours used in all the photographs has been incorporated as the colour palette for my layout
  4. The bunch of flowers (inspired the grouping of embellishments within the circles)
  5. The two white lamps (inspired the white journalling card on either side of the layout - bottom and top left)
  6. The bracelet's metal colour (inspired the colour of mist used and the fact that I made the mist drip down was mimicking the dangling beads on the bracelet)
I am so glad I got to play along with Kraft+ this month. :D


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Rocky Hollow Log Ride… :)

Hello there,

Just a quick share today.  I've scrapped one of those amusement park ride photographs that I had stored away…

I have gone for a rustic, graphic vibe for this one.  I have created a faux photo matt with a black chalkboard marker.  I then drew some spots with a white chalkboard marker after it dried. :)

I don't have much Sassafras left anymore… :(  I used a little bit of their papers on this layout.  I have also used lots of OA (my Sass substitute!).

I've got a Fuzzy Cloud on here from the Kawaii Colours pack…

and a Blue Denim Heart too…

These items and much more are available from my etsy store, byChantalVandenberg. :)

Bye for now!

Chantal :)

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You shine!!!

Hello there again!

I have used April's sketch from My Creative Sketches to create this school-themed layout…

I have created a base for my journalling using SRM's Chalkboard Markers.  I roughly doodled a zig zag design onto clear vellum, cut it out and placed it on my layout - over and under whatever elements that I wished.  

Once adhered to the layout, I then used SRM Chalkboard Markers to journal over the top.  I used three different colours here - pink, blue and white.  

These markers are SO awesome!!!  I recommend them highly! :)

I have also journaled along some lengths of Sellotape label tape - which are great for covering joins and adhering too.

I have used a 'bright star' feltie on this layout - these are available in assorted sizes from my etsy store, byChantalVandenberg - amongst other goodies… :)

The other embellishments are from October Afternoon - one of my favourite scrappy brands - and I've also got a 'cherry flair' on there by 'a piece of cake designs'.

Here is the sketch I used…

Because I had only one photo for this memory, I used the photo space on the top left for journalling instead.  This is a nice, balanced sketched which could be used time and time again. :)

That's all from me for now!

Chantal :D

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Working with a retro recipe...

Hello!  I wanted to share this layout in which I used the current challenge over at Kraft+.  It is called a 'Retro Recipe Challenge' and it provided me with some some great inspiration.  Here is my layout...

I have used a bunch of old pre-digital photos for this layout.  They needed to be scrapped, and now they have… finally!  Instead of scrapping 50 million pages, I managed to cram them into the one single paged layout - these old photos lend themselves very well to cropping.  I hand cut them to size to not only fit the page, but to focus on what I wanted to… before they were cropped - the photos were actually pretty dodgy (too much background).

It's a pretty informal layout, and it didn't take too long to make.  I have created a funky background on the kraft cardstock by machine stitching some tags, journalling shapes and die cuts onto it.  As each stitched item is fairly evenly spaced, it does provide some needed 'breathing space' to this busy layout.

Here is the Kraft + recipe...

A dash of washi tape… check!
One cup of polka dots… via a fabric PP button and two byChantalVandenberg felties… check!
A twist of cotton… machine stitched… check!
3 tags… each has been partially cut to create the illusion of more tags… thrifty!  And check!
A sprinkling of silver… I've a silver heart brad, square brad and a washer… check!
One teaspoon of stamping… cute little camera and arrow stamps… check!
All ingredients have been mixed well onto the kraft cardstock base and the retro colour palette has been applied.  I have also added some cute retro touches here and there - inspired by the photo image (journalling shapes by Pretty Little Studio and stickers by 7dots Studio).

I am glad that I participated in this challenge - it was so much fun and these memories deserve to be admired. :)

Well I hope you enjoyed my share, 'see' you next time!


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