Exciting news!

I can finally announce some exciting news!

I am a new design team member for the English publication, "Scrapbook Magazine"!

Issue 88 is out now and here are some pics of my work that grace the pages inside…

I've a double page layout and a single layout on this double page spread...

...and two more layouts on the next page...

This is the first page of the magazine which includes a detailed shot of my "Sea World" layout and a little spiel about my design team introduction inside…

 … and here it is again on the very next page on the contents section with a little "Introducing" section at the bottom. :)

I've been busy creating for Scrapbook Magazine over the last month for the next two issues.  One feature I've done is very exciting - something very very different that I'm not sure has even been done specifically for scrapbooking ever before.  It was so much fun!

So that's all from me for now, I just had to share the news.

Thanks for stopping by!

Chantal :D

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All that glitters is at Kraft +


The new challenge blog, Kraft + went off with a bang last month and this month's challenge is just as sensational.  The challenge is to use the sketch provided, plus sequins/glitter/gold/sparkles/bling all on a kraft base.

This month I am a guest designer for Kraft + as my store, byChantalVandenberg, is sponsoring this month's challenge with a prize pack full of hand picked goodies up for grabs. 

Here is my take on the challenge

I have done some masking and stamping on the background, with some subtle touches of pastel crayons there (flouro coloured).

The following byChantalVandenberg products on my layout;

and another close-up...

last one...

And here is the sketch that I have followed (quite closely) - love the hearts and stars. :)  Also I love that It's a multi-photo layout too!

Here is the prize pack up for grabs…

Please check out the K+ blog for lots of inspiration, including the awesomely talented Sarah Groen's take on the challenge - using byChantalVandenberg's products!

Until next time,
Chantal :)

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Going Fruity with BasicGrey… :)

Hello there!

Today I'd like to share a layout that was published in Scrapbooking Memories magazine Vol 16 No 12.  I was given a variety of lovely BasicGrey goodies, from the Herbs and Honey collection.  These goodies included patterned papers, chipboard stickers, flat stickers, plus fabric and glazed brads.

I went for a cute circular design for my layout, entitled "A Berry Nice Start to the Day"...

These gorgeous papers and embellishments lend themselves so well to machine stitched and fabric elements.

Here are the ideas that I wrote for the publication;

- A fantastic feature of BasicGrey's patterned paper is the extra strip at the bottom.  Once it's trimmed, there are two different patterns to use!  The patterns are featured on the direct reverse of where the words are (brand name etc), so nothing gets wasted.  I used the entire strip from two sheets of paper which equates to four patterns.

- Mixing chipboard stickers, flat stickers and brads looks so dimensional with very little effort!  To achieve the circular feature, I simply traced around a dinner plate with a pencil and started layering elements from largest and flattest to smallest and bumpiest.

- Utilise the gorgeous coordinating packaging that houses the embellishments!  I used the packaging behind my photograph, fussy cut two parts and affixed them to the bottom right of the photo and punched some out with a tab punch and stapled them to the top left-hand corner.

I simply had to include one of my own embellishments on here.  I have used the strawberry from my "Fruit Cuteness" 3-pack

The Fruit Cuteness pack is available here from my online store, byChantalVandenberg, along with 74 other assorted goodies! :)

Well that is all from me for now!  Thanks so much for stopping by!


Chantal :)

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Going floral with Manor House Creations… :)

Hi there!  Today I'd like to share for the first time on my blog a layout that I created for Scrapbooking Memories magazine V16 N11.

The challenge was to use a delightful array of Manor House Creations flowers and patterned papers.  It was not really a "challenge" to use these pretty products…

I have used Manor House Creations' "Believe" patterned paper collection which is very neutral and as the paper quality is nice and thick, it's perfect for applying mediums too, as I have done here.

I have fussy-cut around one of the rows of doodled lace patterns in the Believe Lace paper and attached it around the man in focal photo to act as a frame.  I then placed cut and folded flowers around the outside edges of this frame to create an even fancier border.

I loved the yellow stamens inside the flowers - so much that I actually pulled one of the stamen bunches out by trimming a little of the back of the stamen.  I then inserted the stamen bunch through the front of a smaller flower which had no centre - just a hole.

The flower that had it's stamen pulled out is completely undamaged and intact - I could easily attach some pearls to the centre for a different look.

I love the look of the pearl pen used on the 2Crafty chipboard.  That's one of my favourite ways to dress up chippie! :)

I've also featured some lovely Flourish with a Bling on my layout too - they really help set off the pretty flowers.

Well that is all from me for today, thanks so much for stopping by!

Chantal :D

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Greetings from Madagascar!

Hello!  I had this photo lying about and I thought it's about time I scrapped it!  It's one of those amusement park ride photos that you can purchase.

This one is from the roller coaster "Escape from Madagascar" in Dreamworld on the Gold Coast, Australia.

I have been inspired by the photo and it's printed border for my colour scheme and doodling.  I have doodled some leaves onto patterned paper and cut them out and used a Viva pearl pen to extend upon a sun drawing at the top left corner of the photo.

The feathers have been laminated, cut out and adhered to the layout in their sandwiched preserved form.  :)

I have a red Heart Fuzzy felt embellishment tucked in there.  I have sold quite a few of them this week… for $1 a pair I think they're a great deal!

They are, along with loads of other embellishments and goodies are available form my own etsy store, byChantalVandenberg. :)

 I have used the following sketch from My Creative Sketches for my layout…

I am enjoying bold doodling more and more lately.  So much, in fact, that I have an article in an upcoming issue of Scrapbooking Memories dedicated to this fun (and economical) technique!

That's all for now!

Chantal :D

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Realistic watercolour backgrounds… :)

Hello!  Today I'd like to share two layouts that featured in Scrapbooking Memories Vol 16 No 11.  I had a two page article about creating realistic watercolour backgrounds for your layouts.

Here's a snippet of my article with the accompanying layouts below…

This double layout is called "From slip & slide to surf & snorkel".  Here I chose to paint the overall view of where we took these photos.  In this instance I found a photograph online which perfectly suited my layout as the left side showed the actual waterside complex and the right side showed the foreshore - just the order for which we spend the day and the perfect backdrop for these photos.

The initial sketching took about 15 minutes to get the proportions and details ready for the painting.  I decided not to put too much detail though, after all, I still wanted the focus to be on the photos.

I used a bit of black detailing after my watercolour painting had dried, mostly because it needed that bit of extra distinction, particularly on the waterside tower's steps.  I could of spent much longer on this painting but there is no real need if you use a black pen in this way.  The waterside tower's steps were painted with a very fine brush, fairly quickly, so it was quite rough.  This can be disguised completely using this simple outlining technique.

I spy a Cartoon Cutie there… it's a Clam Cutie - available from byChantalVandenberg.  It's available in the Seaside Cuties 3 pack

My second layout is called "You are my sunshine"…

For this layout I have used watercolour paints to extend the scene of my photo.  To achieve this effect I adhered my photo with removable sticky dots (you could also use Blu-Tac) and lightly sketched with a graphite pencil what the background would be if the photo was bigger.  In this particular case the last sunset of the year was a beauty so I wanted to focus primarily on this for my background painting.  Once the rough sketching is done the real fun begins.  Work from light colours to dark and start with broad areas first.

Watercolour paint dries very quickly so use a wet brush to dampen the area to be painted first so the colours blend smoothly and softly.  Mix the colours in either their cakes or on any non-absorbent surface and delicately pull the watered down colour along the sketched lines.

Look at that - I spy a Doiley Heart from my etsy store, byChantalVandenberg.

Well I hope you have enjoyed reading and viewing this little snippet from my article.

Have an awesome day!


Chantal :)

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Have you heard the news?

There's a new challenge blog on the block!

And my store, byChantalVandenberg will be one of the sponsors!

You can check it out here… get excited!!!

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Something a little bit different!

Hi there!  I hope everyone is enjoying the festive season.  Today I thought I'd share an "off the page" creation that I made this month for Christmas time.  

It's a nativity scene, using craft supplies and everyday materials that I had on hand - I didn't end up having to actually buy a thing! :)

Here is a close-up Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus in a manger...

The Angel and the Christmas Star…

A shepherd and his sheep…

and the Three Wise Men…

So what did I use?

For the people I used an upside down paper cup, filled with fabric scraps, to make them "solid".  I traced around the bottom of each cup onto cardboard, cut around this circle and used a hot glue gun to adhere this to the base.  This made a very solid body.  The people's heads are actually little polystyrene balls (the size of a ping pong ball) which each had a cake pop stick stuck into the bottom, and adhered and this was pierced through the top of the upturned cup and adhered.  So these heads are really anchored on nice and sturdily (so they can be played with), plus these dolls stand up sooo well, as you can imagine!

 These heads and their "necks" were painted with two coats of acrylic paint.  Once dried, I adhered square felt scraps trimmed to size onto their bodies.  The one exception was the angel, she had a square fabric scrap adhered to her body, followed by some muslin (courtesy of my first aid kit).

I hand drew each person's face with an American Crafts Zig Writer.  I used bling, buttons, twine, pipe cleaner, flowersribbon and more fabric scraps to further decorate the garments, headwear and to make the presents for the Three Wise Men.  I used scalloped fabric scissors to cut the bottom of the Angel's wings, and pinking shears to create the pointy tips on the felt crowns on the Wise Men.

The stable and manger were both made from regular sized and small sized pop sticks glued together with a hot glue gun.  These were so fast and easy to create.  The star can move around (up and down - perfect for reinacting the Christmas story) and was made by gluing two of my large sized felt Bright Stars available from my etsy store, byChantalVandenberg, between a pipe cleaner.

These stars come in two sizes and in a variety of assorted funky colours.

Baby Jesus was made purely from felt and the sheep was created with two polystyrene balls adhered into both ends of a shortened cardboard roll.  Two white pipe cleaners where inserted into his body and doubled over to create sturdy little legs.  His body was painted white then cotton wool was adhered all over it to create his woolly coat (first aid kit again!).  And like the rest of the dolls, felt scraps were used to cut out some floppy brown ears.  Felt is so easy to work with, and if you have some good quality fabric scissors, you are only limited by your imagination on what you can create with it.

I hope you have enjoyed checking out this Christmas creation.  I sure enjoyed making it!


Chantal :)

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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Hi there!

Today I have a Christmas themed layout to share.  I have used some of the gorgeous papers and embellishments from BoBunny.

I have outlined around some details, such as these punched Martha Stewart doilies along with their negatives...

…as well as the large pre cut doily (in part)...


The pictured metal trinkets and brads are so detailed and glamorous!

The line of bling near the bottom of the layout is a combination of BoBunny brads, rhinestones & pearls and Flourish with a Bling rhinestones and pearls.

I love Christmas scrapping, do you?

Well that's all from me for now!


Chantal :) 

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